Wednesday, February 23, 2011

crisis... happens anywhere and anytime or anyhow.

when it happens, it brings you two things:

1) it strengthens you; or

2) it weakens you.

you decide.

2 ::sok sek:::

SumaiyyahAbidah said...

Short, but full of meaning.

It's true. I think I've always been aware of that- that it's you who decides whether something helps you to become better, or worse. But it is getting even more obvious as I grow up, and now that I'm starting to teach (or practicing to!), every little thing counts. Every small moment. Even if a pupil is able to spell airport correctly (taking in the fact that she's in pemulihan, it's enough to make you want to go on. It's enough.

So yes it is we who decide whether something strengthens or weakens us. It's us. It's in our hands.

(Panjang plak. Tengah mood menulis hehe)

fairuzniza said...

sometimes less is more, dik. :)'s in our head and hands. it's us to decide whether to go on, or to give up.

dis is only the beginning for u,dik. i believe as u enter the real life as a teacher, u'll notice that even the smallest thing will give u either strength or weakness; u decide. :)


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