Friday, February 11, 2011

sorry seems to be the hardest word.

anak-anakku, maafkan teacher.
  1. shahrul amri
  2. adam
  3. iqbal-it broke my heart to see you cry. T_T
  4. afif- i will miss your cheekiness in my class.
  5. aiman
  6. haziq
  7. mustaffa
  8. aleeya
  9. nabila
  10. zulkifli
  11. adishah
  12. hafidzudeen
  13. sarah aina
  14. akmal rizal
ada lagi 5, but i forgot your name. but not your face. i'm sorry i had to move all of you out to the next class. i was told to do so since PPD instructed us to add another class for year 1. it was very heart-breaking to see Iqbal shed his tears for not wanting to leave my class. somehow, i was attached to all of you. 

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