Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Movie Review 4: KL Gangster

**Another scheduled entry from me.**

Okay, so I watched this movie rather late than anyone outside. So what? At least I went to the cinema and watched it. Not just by buying the movie from AstroFirst. ;p

The movie is about Malik, who just got out of the jail in a cleaned-state but still being bothered by his shadows from the past *his kongsi gelap life*. The koncos, the gangs, the friendship, the brotherhood are still haunting him till he have to join them for the last time- to pay back what Shark *one of the Taiko* had done to him, his family and his friend.

Tak paham?

Ni sinopsis:

Malik adalah seorang yaang amat digeruni di kota Kuala Lumpur kerana kehebatannya. Dia telah membuat satu empayar gangster bersama sahabatnya King tapi malangnya dia telah diperangkap anak tiri King, Shark yang gila kuasa lalu dipenjarakan. Tenpoh Malik dalam penjara dah habis dan dia telah bebas. Niat dia adalah untuk mengubah masa lampau dan cuci tangan dari dunia gangster. Malangnya adik kandung nya Jai seorang yang tamak dan terlalu pentingkan wang juga telah menjadi salah seorang daripada gangster besar. Shark juga tidak putus-putus mencabar Malik…

Okay, from the synopsis I guess you all can already know the ending and the whole story line. :)

The picture is just great, just like what I've always expected from a person named Samsul Yusof. The cinematography, the sound effect *sampai nak pekak jadinye sebab hall tu kecik, and sound dia kuat sangat* were just great. Another suweeeeeet buah tangan from Samsul Yusof I guess. Like father like son, huh? :)

So KUDOS to all the team again, for giving me such a great time watching the movie.

Yang paling takleh lupa dalam movie ni is the existence of a character named 'Abang Long Dil'. He is such a 'penyeri' in this movie. Like a rose in all the thorns. hahahaha~ Zizan memang terbaik la. You made me laugh at all the times you showed up in the movie, dude!

What I learned from this movie is- people can easily change, and for worse, forget their own bloodline if it's about money. I guess the saying 'Money can buy anything' is right after all, aite? For Power and Money, people would go the extent of killing and biting their own flesh! Urgh, I don't like that. But that's life. And we are living the life. Aren't we?


The movie was great. However, there are some things I would like to highlight. What caused me discomfort throughout this movie are:

1) The story started 30 minutes late than the scheduled time! We have to watch adds for half an hour? What the fish GSC OU??

2) The hall lighting. You guys should really work on this. How is it possible to have the hall lighten up TWICE when the movie is about to start?

3) There was a TALL person sitting in front of me. So everytime he sat straight, I have to tilt. Because I cannot see the whole screen. *Okay, I am short.*

4) As stated above, the sound. The hall was small, yet the sound is larger than it should be. Speaker pulak dekat ngan audience. Pekak mak, nokkk~

5) This movie is rated PG13 aite? So WTH were there kids and babies in the hall??? The movie is full with violent actions and yet the kids were watching it. Now we know from where they learned to fight with their friends at school. Duh.

Anyway, guys, this is another worth-watching movie. So go and grab your tickets! *Please do not literally grab the tickets. Ask politely from the person in charge at the counter please. :)*

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