Thursday, October 06, 2011

What happened to Blogger?

I don't know whether it's my lappy or my internet connection or it's blogger itself. but i can't seem to be able to view my sidebars containing the blog list I follow. Can you see it?

Can someone please tell me that it's just my lappy?

Oh please.

I'm very lazy to edit the template right now. Please tell me it's the lappy and the internet connection. Pretty please.

Thank you.

3 ::sok sek:::

Sumaiyyah said...

Ade je sidebars, Kak Fye. Ce refresh banyak kali

fairuzniza said...

o yeah! ^_^ online pki phone x dpt tgk.pakai lappy lak x lega lepas sumaiyyah bgtau.thank God it's the connection. :p

Pocket said...

Sila guna cara lama, cybercafe, heheh.


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