Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Built To Be Broken.

Got to know this group after seriously fallen head over heel to Benji Kuriakose. (Those who watched The Voice 3, you will know who this person is.)

Immediately became a stalker, and finally got to know he's in this band. And yeah, bought their EP already. Ngeh ngeh ngeh. (Tq Hubby for the paypal. :p )

What can I say?

Benji's voice is so beautiful. Damn you Adam Levigne for not choosing him on your team. I'm still holding grudge on you. ^@%$@Q^

Among my favourite songs:

The best of all. Falling for his voice, yeah.

You should try listening to their songs. O-hai, Three years, and many more. Can search them in youtube of course. :)

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