Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Honeymoon 2.0: Langkawi

Attention: This is a soooooo backdated entry. Should have updated about this trip so long ago. :)

So we went to Langkawi during the school holidays. This should be our second honeymoon, I guess after the Kota Kinabalu trip. It was fun, and indeed the most "abehduitkatHajiIsmail" kind of trip. :D

Enjoy the pictures guys!

Tasik Dayang Bunting.

These were half of what we got from Haji Ismail and all around Langkawi.

A must-visit-place-to-snap-picture in Langkawi.
There are some must visit place and activities you should go and do when you visit Langkawi. Among them are:
  1. cable car
  2. Dataran Lang
  3. Makam Mahsuri
  4. Island Hopping (Advisable to wear clothes that are suitable for swimming because they allow you to swim in the sea for a while.)
  5. Beras Terbakar
  6. Haji Ismail Group (you may find them easily) WARNING: prepare a lot of money and when I say A LOT, I mean A LOTTTTTTTTT. :)
  7. World of Perfumes (Place with good bargain for perfumes)
The must go to eat restaurant is as follow:
  1. Jai Island Cafe (I've tried Banana Juice. It tasted like eating the cekodok. Nice! )
If you go to Cenang Beach for dinner, try to avoid Telaga Arabic Cafe. The food is  quite nice however the service is veryyyyyy slow. We waited for almost half an hour just to order. Guess how long it takes for serving? :)

I must say, I will go back to Langkawi when I get the chance. 3 days 2 nights is just not enough. You should spend at least 3 nights here. :D

**will update on the trip to Kuching with family later**


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