Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Escape To Kuching 2013

Yes, we went to Kuching last December. It was a family trip y'alls! :) So happy because finally we get the chance to spend 3 days of holidays together.

Kuching for me is a nice place- either to live in or to visit. There are a many interesting places to be visited. Among them are:

Kampung Budaya Sarawak, Santubong Kilang Kek Lapis Sarawak SARIKIN (tempat shopping indonesia-sarawak sabtu & ahad sahaja) Pasar malam Sarawak, Satok (sabtu & ahad) Matang Wildlife Centre Sen_Piao BAKO National Park  Long House Anah Rais WATERFRONT Main Bazar (bazar untuk shopping) India Street (bazar untuk shopping) Muzium Sejarah Sarawak Muzium Tekstil Pusat Orang Utan Sarawak Crystal Shop Muzium Rama Rama Muzium CAT Wind Cave Fairy Cave Muzium Islam Sarawak Masjid Jamek Sarawak Boat Cruise Sarawak River MBKS Gallery DUN Tower (View /Foto) Taman Buaya Sarawak  Kilang pasu Sarawak Pasar Ikan Terubuk Taman Orkid Spring Shopping Complex

Somehow, we could not go to all the places in a 3 days-2 nights trip. The food is yummehlicious. The people are just great. The language? It's one of a kind. The slang is exclusive for me. :) Each and every day spent at Kuching is just a wonderful experience for me and my family. 

The highlight of the trip is- the visit to Sarawak Cultural Village, located at Santubong. You may never find the exact excitement in Semenanjung. 

Personally, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu is a must go visit place. The environment is absolutely different from Semenanjung and when you are there, you get to feel the different vibe. :) I love being in both cities.

Enjoy the pictures!

Look easy. Tapi bila nak turun Tuhan je la tahu ketar lutut ni.

Lempeng Sagu in the making. Sedap!

Abang menyumpit. ;p

Takde ni kat semenanjung kak oiiiii

Cat Museum


a must go place: SERIKIN. and make sure you bring a lot of money. hihihi


What we do best: SHOPPING. ;p

Penat wehhhhhhhhh

  1. If you want to go the place where you can make your own vase, please go in the morning. They are not doing it in the afternoon.
  2. If you want to go to Serikin, please also go in the morning. They'll stop their business at noon on Saturday.
  3. Bring along your tripod when you visit Cultural Village. You wouldn't want to miss every exciting part of the cultural dance. :)
  4. Try eating ayam pangsuh. It's worth your money. 
 Banyak lagi tapi tak sempat nak ingat. :D I'll add later when they come to my mind. :)

Go visit Kuching! 


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Anonymous said...

Pendeknya perjalanan dia ke kuching.

Nak datang lagi tak?

I have a website that I can recommend to you to take a look.

fairuzniza said...


memang pendek sebab adik tengah SPM time tu. ada gap sekejap je. :)

insya Allah nak ke sana lagi! I'll browse thru the website okeng? TQ so much! :)


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