Tuesday, May 24, 2011

He's Gone.

This entry is dedicated especially to my dearest friend, the late Sopi.

Dear Sopi,

May you rest in peace. May you get the special place among the special servants of Him. May your soul be blessed by Him. I miss you already.


Got the news on Saturday evening. *Thank Fauzy for telling me the news*

Shocked. Fauzy said Arwah went down while playing futsal. My guess was heart failure, just like the late Shamrin of Fotograf. His family don't want any post mortem so the guess might be right. Whatever the cause is, I told myself, Allah loves him more.

The late Sopi that I know?

He is veeeerrrrry hardworking. And just like the sunshine, he lightens up everyone's life. More importantly, his family. He is the HOPE of the family. I used to work with his mother and father during Ramadhan. From what I can see, he never fails to help his mother. He's very obedient. In my point of view, he's the only son that his family can rely on. His mother used to tell me the same thing too. Reliable. That's the most suitable word to describe him.

He is cheeky. Loves to laugh, and make everyone else laugh. Loves to crack joke. While working with him in the kitchen, he never fails to entertain me. He cannot bear letting his mother do the hard work. He would rather ask his mother to rest and let him do the chores. Oh, how I love to see that side of him. He's so young, younger than me, but his heart is BIGGER indeed.

The most memorable moment was when we went to Putrajaya during midnight until Sahur, along with Pipah and Yana. I let him drive, even at that time, he had not get his license yet. We had fun that day. Went to the uptown, then to Putrajaya, then to McD for Sahur. Oh, how I cannot forget the moment.

He's special...

...and now he's gone.

Oh Allah,  please take care of Him, and please bless his soul. Dear Allah, there are so many people in this world whom he had touched their hearts tenderly, and for what he had done to us, please put him among the ones You love.


4 ::sok sek:::

SumaiyyahAbidah said...

He looks like a nice and sweet guy. May Allah bless his soul.

People come and go, but the good ones never really leave, don't you think? We'll always keep at least one small memory tucked away to remember them by :)

fairuzniza said...

the way he looks indicates who he really is inside, dik. :)

yep, they never really leave. as they will always have a special place in our heart. T_T

Pocket said...

pemergian orang yg dikenali amat la sedihnya,

harapnya ayah bonda dia bersabar selalu..

fairuzniza said...

iyep. amat la sedihnya tambah2 lagi bila dia pergi tanpa tanda. suddenly je jatuh masa main futsal. tapi dah ajal dia. kita tak tau apa2 pasal ajal maut ni. :)

sy yang rapat gitu2 je ni pun terasa kehilangan, pocket. apatah lagi his bestfren yang selalu lepak sama siang malam. yesterday read his bestfren status in FB. sedih sebab tak dapat nak jerit nama Arwah bila lalu depan umah as usual sebab kali ni takde sape nak jawab dah.

bila baca yang tu, terasa ada lubang dalam hati. rasa macam...kosong.



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